Material de la conferencia

"Preventing Drug Abuse - A bridge between continents" Gothenburg, Sweden on 2-4 of June 2013 Español

Material de la conferencia



Monday June 3

Venue: Hotel Scandic Crown


Opening of conference

• Anneli Hulthén, Chair of the City Executive Board, City of Gothenburg

• Dario Espiga, Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Board, Administration for Allocation of Social Welfare, Gothenburg

• Ove Lundgren, Coordinator

• Marie Svensson, Moderator


CICAD - Drug Situation in Latin America and Innovative Programs for Drug Dependent Offenders

• Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD), Organization of America States (OAS)

Antonio Lomba, Drug Treatment Court Program Manager


Powerpoint presentation


Alternatives to incarceration for drug dependent offenders and social reintegration strategies

• Judge Alberto Amiot, Visiting Fellow at OAS and Magistrate for Drug Treatment Courts and the Metropolitan Area of Santiago, Chile



European Drug Situation & Trends

• Joakim Strandberg, Swedish National Institute of Public Health

Head of Swedish Focal Point to the EMCDDA


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Drug Strategy of the Province Salta, Argentina

• Mr. Eduardo Sylvester, Minister of Security, Province of Salta, Argentina


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Official dinner at the City Hall + entertainment

Host: Deputy Lord Mayor Elisabet Rothenberg



Tuesday June 4



• Dario Espiga, Deputy Mayor


Alcohol and drug abuse among youth

Key note speakers:

• Andres Torquemada, Segovia, Spain, Deputy Mayor, Responsible for Social Services

• Ernesto Cordoba, Treatment Specialist, San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina


Pdf presentation

Pdf presentation


Alternatives to incarceration for drug dependent offenders and social reintegration strategies

• Judge Kofi Barnes, Ontario Supreme Court Judge, Canada


Powerpoint presentation


"Krami - Social inclusion of ex-prisoners. An example of cooperation between three different authorities"

• Hampus Lindahl, Project Leader


Powerpoint presentation


Drug Dependent Offenders Return Into Society “A way back”

• Martin Johansson, Chair, KRIS (NGO)



Re-Starting from the concept of "Person"

The interventions in the field of Drug Addiction in the municipality of Rome

• Dr. Massimo Canu, Director of the Drug Addiction Municipial Agency of Rome, also Professor at Sapienza University


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Monitoring of interventions for people with substance abuse and addiction problems -how do we know what works?

• Marco Fredin, City of Gothenburg, Senior Planning Officer


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National system for Prevention and Treatment of Addiction in Venezuela – Progress and Challenges

• Rafael Sanchez, Panelist, Venezuela


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Boat trip to Älvsborg Fortress including dinner








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