Summary of the conference in Gothenburg

"Preventing Drug Abuse - A bridge between continents" . Gothenburg, Sweden on 2-4 of June 2013. Español

Summary of the conference in Gothenburg



EU Drug Prevention & Treatment City Partnership

2nd Gothenburg City Forum


The first European, Latin American and Caribbean City Alliance on Drug Issues consolidates its foundations during two work days at the City of Gothenburg, Sweden. The Alliance focused to work on concrete tangible actions between cities, provinces, and institutions from both sides of the Atlantic to deal with drug problems at the local level. Gothenburg, Sweden. June 2-4, 2013

During a two intense days of work, a number of EU-LAC cities, provinces and professionals met in Gothenburg, Sweden, to discussed specific actions to prevent drug abuse at the city level. "At the end of the day, is the municipality the closest actor to the reality of our citizens" said Andres Torquemada, Deputy Mayor from the city of Segovia (Spain), and upcoming City President of this alliance.


















Dario Espiga, Deputy Mayor of the City of Goteborg (Sweden), and current President of the Alliance says in his opening remarks that "working with other cities in Latin America and the Caribbean was a moral obligation". Torquemada, and Dr. Ernesto Cordova, from the City of San Miguel de Tucuman (Argentina) reminded the relevance of keep investing on prevention programs to better offer solution to our youth. All cities agreed that alcohol consumption is a constant concerned for city officials.

Since its first foundations in early 2008, then under the cooperation between the European Commission, and the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) of the Organization of American States (OAS), this alliance has made important progress towards creating common tools and strategies in drug prevention and treatment, information sharing through good practices, and better policies at the local level between both sides of the Atlantic. It was in 2012 when the City of Gothenburg, together with other European, Latin American and Caribbean partners decided to consolidate this network by registering this alliance in the Gothenburg, and creating an office to represent this alliance in Brussels. This way, it is expected to engage more cities and provinces in a new phase of transatlantic cooperation at the local level face the constant changing world of drug consumption.


On another note, Dr. Massimo Canu, Director of the Drug Agency at the City of Rome highlighted the importance of having accurate information on drug trends and programs from both sides of the Atlantic. During this event, the Executive Secretariat of CICAD/OAS presented an update on drug consumption and trends in the Americas, also introduced to its EU partners the successful experiences of new programs of treatment under judicial supervision for drug dependent offenders through the Drug Treatment Court Program. Eduardo Sylvester, Minister of Security of the Province of Salta, Argentina, also presented the progress made in his province in this innovative program.

Cecil Joseph, Mayor of Roseau in Dominica also participated. Gothenburg also gathers representatives and professionals from Chile, Venezuela, Dominica, Costa Rica, and Suriname, among others.

Next City Forum under this alliance will be held in the Province of Salta, Argentina, in October 2014.
































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